Friday, December 30, 2005 @ 5:23 PM

elfian cakap omputih tuuu.....

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@ 4:03 PM

hello cik nisa fakurazi.... ooo... nak lenyek aku yerr...mentang2 la aku ni menyepikan diri kerana menghadiri meeting yang tak seberapa tadi, ko mengganas yerr.... siap ko... aku pun boleh lenyek ko ngan JFQ aku yang ader spotrim yang lagi cun+ganas dari spotrim ko tu... hahahahahahahahaharahah.... muahahahah

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@ 10:55 AM

Had dinner with a friend at this Tapas Restaurant in Starhill last nite. I hardly go there myself cos the traffic getting there is horrendous. Lately things are pretty quiet there, perhaps most people are already away on their new year break. There were a few outlets there in the lower ground floor, the most flamboyant would be their signature restaurant Shook. The other restaurants are too family-oriented. We first wanted to go to the new Japanese restaurant Gonbei but it was located at higher levels which we find to be less happening. So we chose the Tapas place. We had a couple of tapas dish and seafood paella.

Its easier if you have one-on-one dinner instead of organising dinner for large crowd. I did try to organise a couple of get-together lunches and dinners with other frens but so far the response have been disappointing, despite telling them that its gonna be a sponsored event. Well, what else can I say if even free-lunch is still not attractive enough to them. But I managed to get several of my close-knit crazy frens to dinner tomorrow, most likely be held in Starhill again. This time round we might try the Korean hot plate, or Jake's. I still refuse to go to Shook, cos its not conducive enuf for large parties.

Happy New Year!

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@ 10:05 AM

mana blogger yg laen?bz kot..
sepi la..hehehh
sesepi opis aku yg sememangnya tak ramai staff..
pulak tu ader yg amek cuti..

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@ 10:00 AM

lenyek oreo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keboom!!crush!kiok!!!

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@ 9:59 AM

ace,ko posting kat ne sebenarnye?jb ke kl?konpius

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@ 12:58 AM


pehh...sahabat ku faiz dh marah !!!!
xpe la for the others jgn la kita spi jadik cam tu..
mmg x-D seems to be like that since long time ago..
mmg la kalo kita suddenly stuck among them...for're an ALIEN..ISOLATED..
so..pandai2 la ciloktt lain kalo terserempak ngan kump
idak le spi xbtegur sape tapi kalo xnak jadik mcm faiz....

personally asabiah ni ada gakbaiknya at certain point...
kita ada 34..nak kenal rapat sumer mmg la payah...
bcoz of that kenal la jaga yg kita ada skg..
skurang2nya kita ada rapat with a bunch of our batch ..
tp once again jgn la jdk mcm x-d....
n kalo buat apa2 sesama kita jer..ensure xyah dwar2kan pd group yg lain...
tp kalo batch kita buat apa2 evant give la you all punya full supporet..
no matter who's n from which sidang yg handle..
mcm ni baru la xdkata gila asabiah ....

ewahhhh....mcm bagusss jer aku punya ceramah yek...
xde la..just nak share my opinion ngan sume ...

last skali...ada sesape dak leh tlg tgk2kan profile aku yg kt YG ckp dh siap???
kt johor terpelanting sorg2 kalo xbuat am ni mmg xtau apa2 laa..
aku dh announce kt YG td tp nak gak my fellow x-c kalo2 ada
yg leh tlg aku ....

chiow sume....
kita citer next time...
arios amigos...

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Thursday, December 29, 2005 @ 12:43 PM

Hello kengkawan.....

Hows life? I'm just glad eventhough we're not as asabiyah than other sidang, we didnt have any troubles from it, rite... X-Dians blog ( just removed to undisclosed location. Reason? I dun wan to know...

It just create valid reasons why they're hiding and kept their 'community' from another sidang. Thinking back, it just sucks being at new sidang during penggal 2 with "community" that only cheerish n mingle with their previous sidang members. Thinking bout this, it only makes me loves u guys more and more....

I used to meet "them" during lunch most of the times nowadays, frankly.... they made me feels as if i'm not 334 members and feels isolated. Look at the presentation on the DPA, from movie and slideshow consist their "community" faces.

Darn... what the heck I'm trying to say ere... Rite guys... Luuuurve u soooo much.....

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@ 9:49 AM

aiza b/ground ni dah cantik,xyah la tukar lagi,.

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@ 9:47 AM

aaarrrggghh,pressure!!!kat pc aku boleh connect 2 YM tp disebabkan dgn perpindahan aku ke bilik lain jd pc tu lom connect 2 internet lagi,benci!rasa mcm tersisih dr teknologi!!!
nak check emel pon kene tompang kat bilik org!very the choy!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 @ 10:45 AM

assalamualaikum everibodiiii...... baru nak try post kat sini... hari ni aku tulis as intro dulu.... salam muhibbah utk sumaa..... muahahahahaha

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@ 8:15 AM

morning everyone...

good news to those who cant log in to yahoo messenger because of firewall..
if you have an internet connection..
you can go to
kat situ korang leh log in for ym,msn messenger & also icq..
so ape tunggu lagik.. ym is chayunk..

selamat bekerja..while i'll be bz preparing for my *tut*

thanx to those yang risau2 aku bercuti kat australia..
i too was a afraid when i found out there's a riot between muslims and omputih kat sane..
dahla kat australia plak tuh..and aku plak pakai tudung kan..
but alhamdulillah...
the riot tuh cume kat sydney je...
die tak menular ke brisbane & gold coast..
and my second visit to brisbane & gold coast this time, i felt more safer than before..
dengan beraninya boleh shopping sorang2 kat harbour town..
i guess because the omputih are too caught up with their xmas shopping kot..
and beside..muke aku nih kan ayu lembut gitu..xde unsur keganasan lansung.. :p
and yg buat hal pon orang arab...
damn..sometimes kan diorg nih mmg carik nahas..
ade sekalik tuh aku tgh jalan2 kat surfers paradise..
ade this one arab guy wearing tshirt "JESUS DIE"..
xke nak tempah maut namenye...
i mean..if omputih pakai tshirt "ALLAH ***"..what would we feel..
bodoh..i mean..dlm islam sendiri we are required to respect other religions..
sometimes people can be so stupid..

okla..ujan pon dah semakin lebat kat sini..
aku nak distribute souvenior kat opismate aku..

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 @ 9:13 AM

hi frenz..

im back in msia..and back in the office..
im still in my holiday mood...
serius tahap M A L A S nak mampos...
not in the mood nak buat keje..
dahle sepanjang aku cuti nih senang2 je handover keje kat aku
memementangla im not there to defend myself..
sukehati je..semuanye pass over kat aku..
M E N Y A M P A H..
dahle ngantuk..dahle takde duit..
arghhhh..what should i do with my life..

btw..its good to see few people dah mengaktifkan diri..
tp aku cume nak clarify few stuff..
ade few name kat sini yg gune nickname yg aku x kenal...
so just nak make sure..
so kepada nename yg disebut sila reply dlm comment box tuh ehh..
grove and vais..
aku tau badai tuh abg masrizal..
oreo tuh rasenye hasry...
grove tuh jimmy ke?
ace tuh rais..
yg lain terime kasih kerna menggunakan name yg aku kenal..

and sesape yg ade email bebudak c yg lain..
plezz pass it to me ..aku nak invite diorg..

and noor/kak husna/heizrul..PROFILE kita ape cite?

bile leh meet up nih..
aku ade bawak souvenior utk korang..
aku kasik tempoh 2 minggu..
kalo x claim..sorry ahh jack...
and hasry..bile nak gi kursus kahwin nih?

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Saturday, December 24, 2005 @ 9:42 PM

testing, testing, testing...
akum kengkwn sumer.
it's me, rahah.
hope korang sumer sihat.
aku kat muar ni, balik kg mcarik ketenangan, cheewaah.
okla kengkwn. keep in touch
miss u all.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005 @ 12:38 PM

assalamualaikum ...
1st of all thanks pd yg respond pd prob aku..thanks a lot...byk sgt mbantu ..
mmg la sadis tp aku rasa aku kena look at it in +ve way la..
iyo la..dpd aku dok merungut adey baik aku amik peluang yg ada..
iye la..buat la apa2 keja pun..admin ke..kwangan ke...tanah ke..
at least dpt gak something..

at the same time ada gak aku recee chances g tpt lain kalo ada..
benda lom tentu dapat so guna ajelaha apa yg ada dpn mata..
make full use of it...
kelakar gak coz kekadang tu rasa mcm PAR..kekadang cleark..kekadang mcm bos...
ni baru siap buat minit mesyuarat...print...anto hq...buat balik...print utk suma..
susun...cop...lipat..n pos...
heheheheh....abis..dari a-z aku buat....
xpela..ada gak menda nak buat..nampak benda kecik tp dpt la blaja s.thing ...
pas ni kena surf internet carik ucapan KSN utk bos aku..print..compile..binding...
mmmmmmmm......buat ajelahhhhhhh...

wokey lah...hope dpt dengar citer or xpriance dr suma.
seronok gak dpt tau citer kekawan lain..
to aiza yg kt australia tu..
jgn lupa balik ni ada 'shooting'...
'CHUBBY STAR'....i dah dpt actor...
bagussssssssssssss punya....

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@ 12:08 PM

Hi guys,

Visit X-Sidang D (penggal satu) blog:

makan semut? Muaha ha ha hi hi...

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 @ 3:46 PM

hi kengkawan ku...
im bloggin from the sunshine state..queesland..brisbane to be exact..
cheh cakap omputih..
nih baru balik dr city..tak brape penat today..
pasal these past day dah gile babing bershopping..
gi goldcoast,surfers paradise,harbour town..
dah beribu dah ku belanje.. (duit mesia ahh)..
nih pon tinggal 50 Australian Dollars je..
nampak gayenye pasnih kena swipe je lah..
nasib baik balik mesia je gaji dah masok..
camne nak kawen nih duit asyik tak cukup je..
ade sesape kengkawanku yg kaya nak sponsor???

okiela...malam nih nak tgk movie dgn kezens ku..
my sister ade post few pixies kat fotopages kami..
so go here ("_")

bye..miss u all like GILA..

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Monday, December 19, 2005 @ 9:39 AM

nak test gak.....

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Thursday, December 15, 2005 @ 11:29 AM

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 @ 5:50 PM

well hello again..its so good to see few of the members already spilling something out..
i hope the rest will be doing the same too..

so here are few pixies that hope will bring back some of the good memories..




if you have free can visit these websites..
my personal website
Nisa's Fotopages

till then..see u when i see u

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@ 1:29 PM

Assalamualaikum sume ....

i need help !!! i need help !! tulunnnnn...!!!!!!
cam ner yek nak xplain situasi aku kt JKPTG Jhr ni????
kekadang aku rasa nak mintak pindah jab or kemt lain jer..
JKPTG Jhr br setup n bila s.thing y baru means byk la y xdak..
admin, kewangan n many more still xproper..
aku plak manenye ada experiance pasai benda2 ni...
bukak fail...beli brg pejabat...cuti...lo..waran..lupus hartamodal..sume buat sdiri..
'buat sdiri' means bkn tukang sign jer tp kena buat dr a-z coz kt sini mana ada kerani...
t'tekan betoi la...bkn xleh xdak guideline dr sesape...
ngeri gak kalo2 aku tersalah buat esp y libatkan duit...
anyway sape penah buat p'lupusan reta me plsss...

to make thing worse..spi skg aku xtau senarai tugas aku..
main hentam kromo jer ... kekadang rasa malu sdiri kt staff unit lain
coz nampak sgt kita xdak keja ...

in other view mmg la kita kt state post tggi sket..
kalo jenis nak amik kesempatan n nak rehat 24 jam post aku
kt sini la best ... dtg lewat ke...blk awai ke..xdak sape nak amik tau..
tp u got nothing la from all this thing...rugi byk ada la...

oppsss...dh panjang aku nak baca..baca laa..
xmau baca..hahaha....kalo dh spi ayat ni sure dah baca....
tabah aje laaaaa ...

last skali... sume dh comfirm pelantikan jawatan ke???
thanks n any feedback amat d'alu2kan

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@ 1:08 PM

testinggg..testinggg ....

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@ 12:58 PM

test sekali lagikkkkkkkkkkk

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@ 12:52 PM

a place to let everything goes testissss...

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@ 12:00 PM

hmmm, aku ni menghitung hari untuk berpindah ke kawasan baru,maklumlah setinggan,dulu aku share dgn bah. pembangunan & penyelarasan..kawasan aku nih kerajaan dah nak ambik balik tapi sib baikkk disediakan kawasan baru,tapi agak kecik sket..pape hal aku bersukur sbb dah tak payah share bahagian dgn org lain!
bilik baru tak yah share jugak.dok sorang2.
leh aku > menge'boss'..heehee.

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@ 11:54 AM

testing testing

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@ 9:51 AM

morning everyone..
its good to see few people already accepted to join in...
anyway..good news my friends...
our very own ustaz hase is now a proud father to another baby boy..
semoga dengan rezeki baru ini akan bersinarlah lagi cahaya kebahagiaan...
kalo buat kenduri qiqah ke jgn lupe jempot kami yerk..

another story...
this layout is temporary...
im looking for a more suitable and 'nice' layout...
so bear with me on this..
and guys...tomorrow i'll be flying to brisbane for 10days...
holiday and attending my cousin's convocation..
aku mampu bawak cokelat la jerk..
sebarang permintaan utk bawak balik kangaroo atau koala adalah TIDAK DILAYAN SAMA SEKALI
see u again when i come back..
and hopefully at that time adelah yg dah post new entry kat blog nih..
okie..take care all..

miss u like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 @ 6:52 PM

*hello world*..the most common sentence used in programming language..
i'm talking crap..

hi all...
this is the first post for this (i considered) "one-in-a-kind" blog..
it is created specially for "you know who"..
a place to keep each other updated about one another..
a place to spill everything..(if u need to)..
a place juz to put ur mind at ease...

and i know most of u are still new at this blogging thingy..
but believe me..its easy...
in everything you do you must start somewhere right??..
and i think you will find it interesting and will glued to it..(hope so)..

there's no rules in this blog..
u can use any language u want..
u want to use all those "f" "b" all means use..
its ur blog..u can write whatever u want...

so ..enjoy blogging..
and i hope..i wont be the only one blogging here..
if me kay

miss u all like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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