Tuesday, May 29, 2007 @ 12:26 AM

Hi Tabahyouall clan semua...

apa khabar..
it has been a while kan..
nothing much to say..
juz nak inform korang if korang berminat utk join 2 xtvt dibawah ini..

Venue : TGV KLCC
Time : 910pm (registration kul 830pm)
Date : 1 June 2007 (Jumaat)
Tiket : RM10 (adult) RM6(children)

Venue : Flamingo Ampang
Time : 1030 am
Date : 3 June 2007 (Ahad)
Bayaran : RM15.90 (3 game + shoes) tp sila bawa stokin sendiri

sila email kehadiran anda semua by 29 MAY 2007 (selasa) to ketuakampung[at]kasigegar[dot]com
jangan lepaskan peluang ini..
arituh waktu aizat bersama peminat kat saloma bistro Dato' Siti Nurhaliza pon datang and siap perform..
manelah tau dalam salah satu xtvt ni ada artis2 yang datang..
i takkan mentioned di sini..
tp insya Allah ada yang akan hadir..
so..common all..
marilah kita KASI GEGAR!!!!


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Saturday, May 12, 2007 @ 8:05 PM

Wah...Gempaq kaw kaw futsal ptd muda 2007/2008 ari ni. Batch 2/2004 sapu bersih kecuali for best goalkeeper lelaki that went to budak 2/2006. Best player pun 2/2004 sapu bersih-Rozana zahrol n Ian Allan. Keeper ladies-Amylisa dapat. Dah la Khairil big boss futsal ni, so committee buleh dikatakan sume batch 2/2004. Overall, memang best esp. part bila men'support', of course la sume org menjerit tak hengat.....Congratz guys. Caps ada effi update kat my blog kay which is at http://effizaazwani.blogspot.com

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Friday, May 11, 2007 @ 12:41 PM

Haloooo TabahYouAll Clan semua...

so sorry sangat pasal mengabaikan this baby of mine nih...
dgn dah takde besday shout out and everything...
so so so sorry...
bz with work, cupcakes & aizat.. hehehehehe
juz nak jemput kengkawan nih..
to those yang penah afundi aizat and support aizat..
satu gathering with aizat, family & friends akan diadakan pada tmpt, masa & tarikh berikut..

Date : 13 May 2007
Time : 2.00 - 5.30 pm (datang awal kalau leh)
Place : Saloma Bistro Kuala Lumpur

its FOC ok...
kalau ada masa tuh datangla yerk...
hope to see u there..

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Friday, May 04, 2007 @ 3:27 PM

askum sumer...
aku nk buat announcement skit.
sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa mama angah telah selamat melahirkan baby girl pada 28 april 2007, pkl 8.30 pg seberat 3.4 kg.
welkam to tabahyouall jr.
semoga mama angah & baby sihat & hepi selalu.

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@ 3:05 PM


Assalamualaikum kengkawan sumer...

Bulan mac lepas menyaksikan psgn satu batch, farah afidavit & nash dewa ikan menjejakkan kaki mereka ke jinjang pelamin.
Bulan mei ini, kite akan dimeriahkan lagi perkahwinan psgn satu batch seterusnya, iaitu encik wan abdul hadi & cik azilatul adilah azizan.
Bakal pengantin lelaki menjemput kengkawan sumer utk dtg memeriahkan majlis perkahwinan pada tarikh, masa dan tempat seperti berikut :-

Tarikh : 2 Jun 2007 (Sabtu)
Tempat : Resort Safari Sg Perak Jalan Daeng Sedili, 33000 Kuala Kangsor

Ape kate dtg beramai-ramai memeriahkan majlis perkahwinan pasangan yang sama cantik, sama padan gitu. Alang2 ke wedding hadi, bolehla korang jenguk kampung halaman masing2 kat kuala kangsor tu. Geng2 mukim pulau kemiri tak nak balik kg ke? Bwk2 la balik kg lasah, kg lintang, kg intan suraya, perlop, temin, Hehehe...

Kalau nk bwk famili angkat dtg sekali pun ok. (heheh.. pandai2 plak aku jemput ramai2), kalau Resort safari sg perak tak muat, bolehla kite gi dewan merdeka plak. gathering kat situ. okla kengkawn, jgn lupe dtg memeriahkan majlis. aku try nk upload map, tp tak dapek lak. nntila aku try lagi ek. ok, tata.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007 @ 3:41 PM

Ok, I just wanna share with fellow friends here, a powerful, unforgettable book I just finished reading, tajuk dia The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I know ada among us yang tau my favorite genre in books is actually Time Travel (usually in romance group, the only sci-fi time travel yg aku penah baca ialah Timeline by Micheal Crichton, best gak). This particular book is so gripping and intelligent, memang best habis, I can't keep the excitement to myself. Keje aku asyik nak rekomen je hehe...Ni I insert a reader review which I totally agree with. If you want an original, good fiction, this is it. Just don't stress on logic too much k... :-)

Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Reviewed by David Abrams

Every so often, a novel lands in my hands as if it fell from the sky -- a happy surprise of literary delights, a book which transports and transfixes me, an original story which creates its own world with what seems like effortless artistry.

Audrey Niffenegger's remarkable debut, The Time Traveler's Wife, is just such a novel.The Time Traveler's Wife is an infection that pleasantly invades your system and refuses to let go of the imagination even after you turn the last of its 518 pages and move on to the next book on your shelf.It's the kind of word-of-mouth book that readers cheerfully spread, like a benign virus, to anyone around them willing to lose themselves in a hopelessly romantic story, forsaking most other obligations like work, family and personal hygiene. Yes, The Time Traveler's Wife is that good.

And, yes, I'm a self-proclaimed die-hard romantic of the male species who's been known to openly weep at the end of Jane Austen movies, but I'm here to tell you that this chunky book is designed to please everyone in the room -- swooners and cynics alike. It's a love story concealed inside a suspense novel wrapped in a thin veneer of science fiction.

At the center of the story stand two characters, Henry and Clare. I'll let Henry explain their situation:

I met Clare for the first time in October, 1991. She met me for the first time in September, 1977; she was six, I will be thirty-eight. She's known me all her life. In 1991 I'm just getting to know her.

Henry is a Time Traveler who drops in and out of various moments in his life -- sometimes back to the past, sometimes forward to the future. Clare leads a chronologically-normal life. The two of them intersect, in "real time," when Clare is 20 and Henry is 28; however, she's known him -- a much older-version, that is -- since she was a little girl. For years, she's known he was her future husband, so by the time she actually meets the real-time Henry (who's a little befuddled at this strange girl rushing up to him in the Chicago library where he works), Clare practically has their wedding already planned out.

Confused yet? Don't worry, Niffenegger patiently and carefully guides the reader through the tangled narrative.

The story follows the lovers across a timeline shaped like a Mobius strip, alternating between their viewpoints. They do their best to live normal lives, going after the American Dream of steady jobs, witty friends and children of their own. Ultimately, their relationship turns as sweet and tragic as an Emily Dickinson poem.

As you can imagine, The Time Traveler's Wife has the potential to bend your mind with cosmic philosophies which pretzel-twist logic and reality. It's probably the only novel I've ever read which turns discussions about free will and determinism into page-turning entertainment.

Niffenegger never lets her carefully-designed world get out of control. There are certain "rules" to Henry's travel -- for instance, he tries not to tell anyone what will happen to them in the future for fear that he'll return to an altered world; he never travels far outside the time boundaries of his life (in other words, no dinosaurs or medieval knights make appearances in this book); and he revisits events in his life more than once, even if it means watching his mother die a horrible death over and over. He never knows exactly when he'll be taking a trip:

Sometimes it feels as though your attention has wandered for just an instant. Then, with a start, you realize that the book you were holding, the red plain cotton shirt with white buttons, the favorite black jeans and the maroon socks with an almost-hole in the heel, the living room, the about-to-whistle tea kettle in the kitchen: all of these have vanished. You are standing, naked as a jaybird, up to your ankles in ice water in a ditch along an unidentified rural route…You've mislocated yourself again.

Henry eventually seeks help from a doctor who, he hopes, can cure him of his chrono-displacement. The condition seems to be a physical one (no H.G. Wells contraptions or gigawatt-tripping DeLoreans show up in these pages):

I think it's a brain thing. I think it's a lot like epilepsy because it tends to happen when I'm stressed, and there are physical cues, like flashing light, that can prompt it. And because things like running, and sex, and meditation tend to help me stay put in the present.

Niffenegger even allows Henry to visit himself in the past and engage himself in conversations. The effect is funny and remarkably poignant at the same time:

I ponder my double. He's curled up, hedgehog style, facing away from me, evidently asleep. I envy him. He is me, but I'm not him, yet. He has been through five years of a life that's still mysterious to me, still coiled tightly waiting to spring out and bite. Of course, whatever pleasures are to be had, he's had them; for me they wait like a box of unpoked chocolates.

The Time Traveler's Wife is like one of those chocolates nestled in brown paper cups -- a rare literary confection that melts in your hand, your mouth and your head. Die-hard romantics will be savoring this one for years to come. January 2004

David Abrams is a January Magazine contributing editor. He has written for Esquire, Glimmer Train Stories, The Greensboro Review, The Readerville Journal and other literary magazines.

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